Written Works The Question For A New Day Robert L. Dortch Jr. | November 7, 2020

While today is a new day and many of us feel like we can exhale during this therapeutic moment, the question before us is... How do we help each other who have been hurt, traumatized and held hostage by prejudice and partisanship to have hope and to start on the path to healing a divided nation to ensure we all have the right to breathe, to learn, to vote and to have that vote counted, to run, to sleep in peace, to drink clean water, to earn a living and to provide for our families, to prosper, to get quality health care if we get sick, to have a place to call home, to welcome those in search of refuge, to love who we want to love, to dream BIG dreams and to believe that together we can create a just America not just for some of us but for all of US? Can we count on each other? Count me in!✌

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